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众筹网站发布的产品 -教育

Crowdsupply众筹网站上发布的产品 -教育
概述:8-32通道TI ADS1299 Arduino屏蔽,用于EEG,EMG和EKG生物信号采集

+ HackEEG is an Open Source Arduino Due shield for the TI ADS1299 EEG system-on-a-chip. Neuroscience researchers, graduate students, and hackers interested in neuroscience and biological systems can use HackEEG to read EEG, EMG, EKG, and other biologically-based electrical signals. The board and chip have very low-noise, and are sensitive enough to read signals in microvolts. + HackEEG’s previous iterations have been in limited short-run production for four years, and are being used successfully in major research institutions and pharmaceutical companies around the world. The board has been through many iterations and I’m excited to release this latest version of HackEEG, suitable for general purpose use, to the general public. Features and Specifications + Analog-Digital Converter (ADC): TI ADS1299 EEG system-on-a-chip + Programmable Gain Amplifier: on chip 1-24x + Up to 4 shields can be stacked on one Arduino Due, for a total of 32 EEG channels + DMA drivers can read 8 channels of ADC data at up to 8,000 samples per second with 24 bit resolution + Single-ended or differential input + USB 2.0 HS (480 Mbps) connectivity when using Arduino Due + EEG data can be streamed over the Internet via a phone or laptop connected via USB + SPI EEPROM for storing configuration data + Jumpers for configuring most of the data and control lines to the Arduino + Also compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560 (voltage-level shifters included on board) + Programmed using the Arduino IDE + Connector boards with DIN 42-802 medical electrode connectors or screw terminals available. Or make your own.


FireAnt is the first third-party development board for the Efinix Trion product family. It provides an easy-to-use development platform for FPGA makers and hobbyists. Powered by the Efinix Trion T8, FireAnt is ready to use with just a PC and no extra components required. The breadboard- friendly design allows for fast application deployment with sensors, peripherals, or other interfaces. It’s the perfect solution for manufacturers to prototype their projects or digital design students to learn FPGA development using the new Efinix platform quickly. The power/performance/size advantages of the Trion T8 FPGA also make it ideal for edge IoT applications. Features and Specifications + Efinix Trion T8 FPGA + 7384 LE counts + 8 embedded multipliers + 1 low-power oscillator + 1 PLL + 122.88 kbit internal RAM + Package size: BGA-81 5x5 mm + Board dimensions: 51.4 x 18.3 mm + Supply voltage: VBUS 5 V | VCC 3.3 V + VCCIO: 3.3 V + Onboard 33.333 MHz crystal oscillator for PLL + GPIOs: 35 + LED: 6 (incl. 4 user-configurable LEDs) + Flash: 8 Mbit serial NOR Flash + Programming interface: + USB 2.0 Hi-Speed(480 Mb/s) + JTAG (with exposed pin in bottom layer via external JTAG programmer) + Development platform: Efinity Software


The Binary Clock Shield can turn your Arduino into an extremely accurate real-time clock (RTC). It includes a ton of integrated features, so it can also be used as a counter, alarm, timer, thermometer, music box, and more. Features: + Operating voltage: 5 V via Arduino (USB or 7-12 VDC jack) + Dimensions: 68.6 x 53.4 mm + Weight: 19 g + Same form factor as Arduino + Compatible with Arduino UNO + Three Buttons + RTC - Real Time Clock + Extremely accurate RTC on board + Temperature sensor inside + Easy to use with the Arduino “DS3232RTC.h” library + RTC model - DS3231 + Piezo Buzzer + Can play tones and music + The buzzer is connected to the Arduino pwm pin “11” + Easy to use with the Arduino “pitches.h” tone library + Piezo model - KLJ-1230 + RGB Colors + 17 LEDs + You can program any color you want + Only one Arduino pin “A3” is required to control all the LEDs + Easy to use with the Arduino “FastLED.h” library + Each LED is individually addressable + LED model - WS2812B + Battery Backup + Battery socket on board for CR1216 / CR1220 + RTC switches to the battery supply and maintains accurate timekeeping when main power is interrupted or absent + Battery is not included


Features & Specifications + Based on Arduino Nano (ATMega328P), so works by default with most Arduino libraries + Ready to go right out of the box, no need to purchase additional power supplies/cables/pumps/tubes/valves. + Pneumatics - full channel control, i.e. high pressure through atmospheric pressure to vacuum output in the same tube. + Max pressure: 0.5 atmosphere (7.5 PSI / 50 kPa) + Min Pressure: -0.5 atmosphere (-7.5 PSI / -50 kPa) + Flow rate: 2 liters per minute (per motor) + Power - 12 V, 1.2 A from a barrel jack + Grove I²C connector to easily add sensors (not pictured, but added in v0.6) + Expandable for adding valves/sensors + Open source all the way! + Open source hardware certification #US000159. + GitHub + Built for learning + Guides and tutorials available. With more forthcoming. + The color-coded buttons on the board are meant for easy identification when following tutorials.


Features & Specifications The ProxmarkPro is perfect for quickly, easily, and powerfully demonstrating vulnerabilities and risk to non-technical decision makers and stakeholders. + Portable: one-handed use, easily concealed, lightweight, compact + Self-contained: no external cables, batteries, or computers required + Built-in Display: intuitive menu visible in direct sunlight and in the dark + Swappable Antennas: no tool required to change tuned antennas + Removable Storage: capture and load data with the included 16 GB microSD card + State of the Art: built with new-and-improved FPGAs and ADCs + Made in the USA: using parts from all over the globe

概述:紧凑,开放,智能的PCB回流焊机。 烘焙你的梦想!

HEGduino uses red/infrared light sensing to determine the changes in the blood-oxygen levels in your brain in real time. Armed with this feedback, you can control these changes directly and literally exercise your brain! HEGduino brings Hemoencephalography (HEG) biofeedback into the easy, affordable, and hackable realms. This is designed to be able to be built by anyone with a soldering kit and a steady hand as a ground-up introduction to the science and the electronics. Technical Specifications + Sensor Board: + Flexible circuit board to conform to the shape of your head and headgear + 650 nm 20 mA Red LED + 950 nm 20 mA IR LED + OPT101 monolithic photodiode + Connected to receiver by Molex connectors/wire + Controller Board: + ESP32-based control with either + Adafruit Huzzah32 (16 MB flash but less I/O) + or WeMos Lolin32 V1.0.0 (4 MB flash but more I/O) + ADS1115 16-bit 860 sps ADC + I/O breakouts for a maximum of: + 32 Inputs / Outputs + 26x digital pins (3.3 V) - all PWM capable (two occupied by LEDs) + 18x analog pin + 3x UART + 3x SPI + 2x I2S + 2x DAC + 2x I2C (1 occupied by the ADS1115) + 1x 5 V output + ESP32: + ESP-WROOM-32 from Espressif + Up to 240 MHz dual-core microprocessor + 4-16 MB SPI flash memory + Sleep mode consumption: 5 μA + Connectivity: + Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n + Security: WEP, WPA / WPA2 PSK / Enterprise + Maximum power for data transfer: 19.5 dBm @ 802.11b, 16.5 dBm @ 802.11g, 15.5 dBm @ 802.11n + Sensitivity max. reception: -97 dBm + Bluetooth 4.0 Classic / Low-energy (BLE) + Integrated cryptographic chip supporting AES / SHA2 / Elliptical Curve Cryptography / RSA-4096 algorithms


Features & Specifications + Precise and highly configurable sensor hardware + Can be configured to use up to 32 electrodes. + Measures at 160,000 samples per second. + Each impedance measure is made using differential referencing and 16-bit resolution. + Includes automatic temperature calibration to ensure impedance accuracy. + Includes an accelerometer for motion mitigation. + Built for safety and ease-of-use + DC power removal filters meet IEC60601-1 safety specifications. + Compatible with a 3.5 V, 850 mAh battery (not included) for improved portability. On-board circuitry allows charging via the supplied USB cable. Up to 12 hours of battery life, depending on the specific use case. + Support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to accommodate wireless data transmission. + Flexible open source software + Easy to install software supports time series impedance measurements, bio-impedance spectroscopy, and electrical impedance tomography, between 80 Hz and 80 kHz, with up to 32 electrodes. + Supports three different types of tomographic reconstruction: Graz Consensus, Gauss-Newton Method, and Back Projection. All three can be run in realtime and can be configured with any number of electrodes (e.g., 8, 16, or 32). You can record for analysis offline, and run in real-time. + Hardware includes Serial Wire Debug (SWD) programmers for easy firmware re-programming. + Portable design + Tiny, portable PCB measures approximately 2” by 2” and comes with a plastic enclosure. + Comes with a small, cylindrical ‘phantom’ tank (140 mm diameter, 60 mm height). + Comes with a flexible electrodes for imaging things that don’t fit in the phantom.


The Tinusaur OLED Display Kit is a bundle of boards, parts, and modules that you assemble yourself using our step-by-step instructions. Once the kit is assembled, you can immediately start programming it using our intuitive Blocktinu graphical interface and numerous tutorials, or skip directly to C and the Arduino IDE. In the end, you’ll have a small, battery-powered, standalone sensor node that you’ve built and programmed yourself to sense ambient temperature and relative humidity and display those data on its OLED screen.


Features + Single-color 32 x 9 or 64 x 9 LED matrix display with several color options + ESP8266 controllable and programmable via Arduino + Includes an Arduino library that enables: show text, scroll text, show 8-bit .bmp image, make animations, get info from a website/API, change brightness etc. + Two or four IS31FL3731 LED matrix drivers + USB or Li-ion battery power, including an onboard battery charger + Unused ESP8266 accessible from pins on board for further hacking + An .stl file for 3D-printable enclosure is available

概述:用于AI边缘的神经网络加速器。 只需几瓦,即可达到4万亿次/秒。

Features & Specifications + Cable Physical Characteristics + Length: 1 m + Color: white + Connector options: Micro-USB, USB Type-C, Lightning + Voltage range: 4-25 V (supports fast charging) + Current consumption: 10 mA (typical) + Full-rate USB data transmission + Remote Control + High-powered Bluetooth wireless (customizable name and password) + Battery: 3.6 V, 40 mAh, rechargeable + Standby current: 80 μA + Transmission current: 30 mA + Range (under ideal conditions with antenna): + 30 m with 2 dBi, 3 cm antenna + 50 m with 3 dBi, 11 cm antenna + 100 m with 18 dBi directional panel antenna + Mobile App + Alternative to remote control for triggering payload + Open source and freely available + Programming + Payload programmable with standard Arduino IDE (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android) + Access bootloader with non-contact magnetic ring + Source code provided for example payload

概述:在单个开源板中进行多传感器数据采集,处理和Wi-Fi /蓝牙通信。 感觉什么

Features & Specifications Sensything is based on the popular ESP32 SoC for IoT applications and includes the ADS1220 24-bit ADC that provides low-noise data acquisition. It provides all the accompanying components, including a Li-ion battery and an on-board,low-noise, five volt power source for reliable low-noise performance. Additionally, extra GPIO pins and support for Sparkfun’s Qwiic connector standard makes multi-modal sensor data fusion and recording easy.


Skoobot is tiny robot you will like and enjoy. It is full of cool tech, like Bluetooth Low Energy wireless, a 32-bit processor, a distance sensor, a microphone, and a buzzer. It can be controlled through an Android phone or a Raspberry Pi. It has fun games like capture the flag and robotroll. All its software is open source and modifiable by anyone. Its small size makes it easy to store and experiment with. Features & Specifications Robot + Nordic Semi nRF52832 ARM Cortex M4F + Bluetooth Low Energy wireless + 32-bit processor + Hardware floating point for math, like DFT’s for audio processing + 512 K flash, 64 K SRAM + Free SEGGER Studio compiler and IDE + ST VL6180X distance sensor + 0-10 cm distance measurement for obstacle avoidance (from datasheet) + Ambient light level for seeking or avoiding light + Knowles microphone + word recognition + beep recognition + Buzzer + Sound feedback or beep language + 3D printed body + Open source design file - change it or print your own color or material


Features & Specifications + Analog Inputs + Eight channels + 16-bit resolution + 50 kHz analog bandwidth + Log up to 500 kS/sec to microSD card + Stream up to 200 kS/sec via USB + Stream up to 10 kS/sec via Wi-Fi + ±10 V input, protected up to 30 Vpp + Analog Output + One channel + 10-bit resolution + 1 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB) + 10 MS/s sampling rate + 3 Vpp + Sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, and DC outputs + Other I/O + 8 x digital I/O + Program button + Reset button + microSD card slot + micro USB connector + Power Supplies + Two channels + ±4 V, 50 mA per channel + Connectivity + The on-board 2 x 18 male pin header provides easy access to all I/O via female breadboard wires or the included flywires + The optional Screw Terminal Adapter turns header access into screw terminal access + WaveForms Live Software + Can be used with or without an Internet connection + Supported on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox + Open source, free to use + On-board Logic + Microcontroller: Microchip PIC32MZ2064DAG169 + Wi-Fi module: Microchip ATWINC1500 + Powering Options + 5 V via the micro USB connection + 5.5 - 17 V from a power supply or external battery + Connect via the barrel jack or the two-pin power header

概述:紧凑,开放,智能的PCB回流焊炉。 烘焙你的梦想!

Features & Specifications + Reflow oven: 2” x 2” max SMD PWB reflow oven + Temp control: 100-250 °C temp control with heater, cooling fan, and K-type thermometer + Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 + Controller: select reflow profile, reflow process indicated via mobile software + Compatibility: iOS and Android + Power Consumption: 300 W max + Dimensions: 150 mm x 160 mm x 80 mm + Weight: 1700 g


+ Input + Temperature: LM35, linear 10 mV/°C Scale Factor, rated for −55°C to 150°C range + Light: Generic 5 mm Light Dependent Resistor + Potentiometer: 10 kOhm Sweep Potentiometer + Touch Pad: Capacitive Touchpad using TTP-223 + Push Button: Generic 6 mm micro switch + Infrared Remote Control Receiver: TSOP31238 compatible with 38 KHz IR remotes + Output + One RGB LED: WS2812B for smart colored light mixing. + 12 Red LEDs: connected to Arduino’s digital outputs + OLED Display: connected via I2C header, sold separately + Piezo Buzzer: Multitone Buzzer with good sound reproduction up to 2 KHz + Connectivity + Wi-Fi: ESP8226-01 module connected via Wi-Fi header enables over-the-air Arduino programming and cloud connectivity, sold separately + Low-power Mesh Radio: NRF24L01 module connected via mesh radio header enables 2.4 GHz mesh networking, sold separately + Bluetooth: HC-05 Bluetooth module connected via Bluetooth header, sold separately + microSD Card: integrated card slot for data storage. + Configurability + Expansion Ports: 0.1” headers for digital and analog Arduino pins + Voltage Regulator: LM1117 3.3 V regulator supplies up to 800 mA with current limiting and thermal shutdown protection + Made for Arduino: compatible with all major Arduino boards, such as the Uno, Mega, and Leonardo


Wigl hears notes from any instrument and responds with movements, lights, and special dances! Wigl helps to motivate kids and adults to practice their instrument. Through sequenced musical notes, you can program special dance moves for Wigl. This combination of right brain creativity with left brain logic makes this a unique robot for any family。


+ The Planetarium has been one of OMSI’s most well-loved experiences since the museum’s opening. It’s a place to witness the awesome power of a black hole or to immerse yourself in a surreal Pink Floyd laser show.

概述:一种用于练习速记的开源软件游戏。 学习每分钟输入200多个单词。
概述:3.3 / 5 V超高效稳压器可直接连接9 V电池。

Features snapVCC uses a buck converter for efficient regulation of battery voltage. snapVCC has an LED power indicator, reverse polarity protection, and you can switch between 3.3V and 5V by just switching a jumper.


The Kit + 1 snowflake card + 1 dove card + 1 DIY light-up frame card + 6 white LEDs + 3 coin-cell batteries + 1 roll 3mm copper tape + 3 star paperclips + 3 envelopes + Easy-to-follow instructions

概述:电路贴纸是用于制作电路的剥离和粘贴电子设备。 使用它们可以将电子设备添加到任何贴纸友好的表面:纸张,织物,塑料,天空是极限!

+ Circuit Stickers are electronic stickers that you can use to build glowing, sensing, and interactive projects without any complicated equipment or programming skills. All you need is your imagination. + Building circuits with them is fun and easy – just stick them onto a surface like you would with a normal sticker, and build up a circuit by sticking several stickers together and adding a battery. They’re an approachable way to learn and create electronics through craft, whether you’re just starting out with circuits or creating complex interactive artworks.

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